Well done Demon

June 2nd, 2006

Now that I’m working full time again (at 3sixty), there’s less time for Internet at home, and so less need for a fancy broadband connection. After a bit of looking into it I decided I wanted to stay with Demon, but downgrade the package. This would not be the cheapest option, but the one with the least disruption.
I must say, at first the experience wasn’t very good. I phoned them up and had to go through 3 different support phone numbers before I even got through to the right person. Of course he could only do this during their working hours, so I had to phone back again, to be put through 3 times again.

They then told me that downgrading the service would take 7 to 10 working days of downtime. WHAT? I told them that they had just taken away the reason to stay with Demon, and that I would go to another provider who could offer a faster service for less. The support person got a little irate with me when I said this and tried to save the situation. After I had explained to him for the second time  that I appreciated his effort but really he couldn’t change my mind, he still wasn’t having any of it. So I hung up.

Well, I just got a phone call from Demon explaining that they didn’t want to loose my custom, and offered to give me my current package at the reduced price of the downgraded package. I get to keep the things I don’t need (static IP, email, web space etc) for the reduced price. But more importantly: no downtime. Result! And result for Demon too. I’m not in a hurry to change provider, au contraire!

DOM structure visualized

May 30th, 2006

Web pages are written in HTML. HTML consists of tags, arranged in a hierarchy. Therefore, they can be represented in a graph. Aharef shows a few examples of these graphs of well know sites.

This is what my blog’s DOM structure looks like.

iwein.co.uk DOM structure

Very pretty. You can do your own with Aharef’s visualizer applet.

Creating a colour scheme

May 29th, 2006

Natalie Jost writes about an interesting way to come up with a colour scheme.

The exercise is

  1. Find a picture you like
  2. Pixellate it in Photoshop
  3. Pick out the main colours

And hey presto, there’s your palette

Classics for people with no time

May 22nd, 2006

30 second versions of classic movies re-enacted by bunnies.

Universal capture - 3D video

May 17th, 2006

Well spiffy. Record a scene from different perspective to create a 3D video. And much more.

Ever wondered how accessible your site is?

May 17th, 2006

The peeps over at accessites.org have written a very useful checklist to score your site for accessibility. One of the people who grades sites using the checklist has written some more explanation on it, too.

I think not all of the points in the checklist are strictly accessibility, some are more whether you have a Good Site™. And isn’t that what we are all trying to achieve anyway…

Skip links: hidden or visible

May 11th, 2006

The designer versus usability practitioner argument.

The conclusion is that to be really useful, they really have to be visible.

It’s not beyond the capabilities of a good designer to incorporate visible skip links that meet the user’s intentions and expectations, whilst not detracting from the design; it just demands creativity and an open mind.